Gallery of Reality

Click on a thumbnail image to view full sized version. Links are provided on each image page to allow you to move to the next image (or the previous image) in the gallery like a slideshow. This will save time since you will not have to return to this page after each image. Also, links are provided for you to send me your thoughts or interpretations of each image. I will try to post each of them for all to see when time permits.

This particular gallery contains some of my very oldest work. Unfortunately, these works were created at too low of resolution to be printed... so no prints are available. Sorry.

Please do not use any of these images without my specific permission. I work hard, please respect my copyrights. Thank you for viewing and enjoy your trip through my world!


From the Depths of Madness Mirror Mirror Believer Bound Eternally

Chamber of Ages The Light Beckons Beckoned Midlife Crisis

Hand of God Dream of the NoMind The Wait Dreaming pt. II

Dreaming pt. VI Preparing to face the Day Seeking Divinity Cast Out

Searching for Transparency Cultivation of Woe Devoured by Fear Hopes end

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