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Purchase the unique artwork of John Alexander (aka SirJohn). My artwork can be purchased as framed, canvas, acrylic, and metal prints.

Also, my work can be ordered on coffee mugs (I have quite a few myself), phone cases, shower curtains, greeting cards, and much more. Simply

click the link below to go to my online store! Huge thanks to all of you who have bought original SirJohn Artwork!

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Check out my artwork in stunning book form! Click the link below to check out my unique art collected into gorgeous coffee table books.

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SirJohns World is where the unique vision of artist John Alexander (aka SirJohn) comes to life. The original artwork found in the many galleries of SirJohns World could best be described as ‘Dark Surrealism’. For fans of surrealistic art, SirJohns World will provide many thought provoking experiences. If you would like to purchase original artwork, please check out the ‘Purchase prints’ section for more information. Welcome to my world!

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