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SirJohns World truly is a throwback to a time when the internet had never heard of a thing called Social Media. Facebook did not exist.

Instagram and Snapchat did not exist. None of the platforms popular today had been invented yet. Personal websites such as mine were

everywhere. One feature that was quite common on these personal websites is the Links page. People shared links of their favorite places

so that visitors could also enjoy them. Fellow artists/webmasters would often request to share links with each other

"I would love to add your website to my links page and would be honored if you added mine to yours!". While I know this to be dated,

I just can't part with this section of SirJohns World.

Some of my personal favorite places

My official Online Store

My FineArtAmerica website

SirJohns World on FaceBook!

The Artwork of David Ho

Winterworld (home of Freeze!)

A Surreal View

Marion Lucka (great painter!)

B.C. Rich Guitars


Farzad Golpayegani

SirJohns World is where the unique vision of artist John Alexander (aka SirJohn) comes to life. The original artwork found in the many galleries of SirJohns World could best be described as ‘Dark Surrealism’. For fans of surrealistic art, SirJohns World will provide many thought provoking experiences. If you would like to purchase original artwork, please check out the ‘Purchase prints’ section for more information. Welcome to my world!

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