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Seeking Divinity
Image title: Seeking Divinity   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

Your's… The Rapture

Mine… Waiting My Turn

-Sarai Mercedes

To be creative in any aspect of humanity, but especially for the artist, impacts how a person relates to life and how he/she lives out their life. The positive influence of creativity makes life so much better and so much happier. It will always be one of the best influences we have within ourselves. I absolutely love your artistic look of life. You and your work inspire me and cause me to strive for excellence in my artwork. Thank you so much John.

-Cheryl Lavender

Standing hip-deep in uncertainty... looking heavenward for some devine intervention... something to spark them onward in their quest to be anything other than ordinary. I feel sadness when I look at this image. I see misguided hope on these faces... I see a group of people who have been duped by the world around them. Who cannot see who they are any longer... who can only yearn for a transition into what they think is expected of them. And, in looking up, they have entirely lost sight of their hearts and their souls.

-Helen Grainge

Killer! As always Helen, your words are inspiring.

In the landscape of our minds ideas spring forth from our pool of thoughts. For an artistic person many of those ideas are seeking creation, to manifiest themselves in a way that allows them to be shared by many. The act of creation for these artistic ideas is an act of divinity. Each of these ideas seek that divinity in hopes that they are will not be forgotten.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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