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Cast Out
Image title: Cast Out   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

Hmm...yes the unbalanced form of a once alive but now dead, tormented,ravaged soul, peace, no life only fear and emotion to the state of glance,directly at it. This is a human who shared no equal,who really never found the true meaning of life,"so he would become the entity he was bound to become".


"Cast out" Now that image really hits home, ive been in a wheelchair for years from a motorcycle accident, i was hit by a drunk driver and lost the use of my legs.The image shows how i feel at times in my life, cast out. Out of all your work John i have to say this is my favorite.

-Bob Taylor

Cast out, the first thing i seen was he wasn't allowed into heaven, he is being pulled towards hell. Really like the lighting on this one.

-Trish Taylor

Release from all earthly known.. lack of pain, of humanly cause... relax, into the soothing void... strip away the human form .

-Jeff Alexander

Cast out: I see a man, and in this image, the appearance of the man is larger than the planet in the background. All my life I've heard everyone tell me how little and insignificant we all are in this VAST universe. Well, that may be true, but in certain ways, we are large. We indeed do have things to offer, and each of us individually are important in some way. This picture whispers to me the idea that even though this universe is large and vast... and as little as we may be... WE ALL ARE IMPORTANT!

-Joanna Mueller

Wandering thru life,once upon a distant time knowing God,but not accepting the duty as his servant,wandering thru Hell,all upon a past & present dwelling in the midst of satan himself,breathing his death in as a lifeforce to dwell among the place of sheol until the day of judgement,but neither want you,God nor satan,a disgrace to both,cast out & lost amid the freezing burn of eternal wander.

-Michael Champagne

this represents to me... my fiance was killed several years ago.. we had been engaged only 4 days.. i can often feel Him still and picture Him floating round in the vast blackness somewhere waiting for me.. the light representing what He meant and still means to me..


This one is truly a wondrous piece. In this one I can see the fall of Lucifer from heaven's gate. I can see Man aimlessly, hopelessly trying to become better than we are. Constantly searching for something benevolent in the universe. Mans basic instinct to believe in something bigger then themselves, and yet always coming up short. It also touches me on a personal level. It reminds me of the places I've been, and the things I have seen and done. And I have to wonder...


As I look at Cast Out, it reminds me of leaving an old life and being re-born. Seeing and enjoying this new life through sober eyes. We are still the same men, and there's nothing but misery and sorrow in the world left behind.

-Jerry Hodge

As a recovering alcoholic I can tell you that there is no 'winning the battle' against alcohol... only a cease fire at best. When I was finally able to stop drinking my social circle convulsed violently, opened up wide, and expelled me. I was Cast Out. I watched helplessly as it closed itself up again, cutting me off, banishing me.

The feeling of being Cast Out, drifting alone is still irrepresible at times, even after all of these years. Even now there are times when it is difficult to distinguish what part of me is sundered, drifting, and Cast Out... the man I was or the man I am now. Sometimes I have to wonder... are they the same?

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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