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Dreaming pt. VI
Image title: Dreaming pt. VI   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

I see this is a dream for clearing out all the chaff, so to speak,and leaving way for more clarity and focus. Oftentimes it is much easier to get rid of the chaff in a dream than it is in our everyday lives.

-Cheryl Lavender

A great feel of tenderness as the head blindly rests against the torso, unaware that in his blind comfort someone is messing with his head. an image that will stick in my head.


He never sees simply the landscape or the clouds or the flowers. He wears the equivalent of blinders so that he doesn't mistakenly glance within. His eyes look so deeply into what it is that is not happening to him; love, laughter, joy and peace. And he's had it up to here with promises. His brain works overtime to digest what is attainable and reject what is a pipe dream. It gnaws the reality off the bones of fantasy... and tosses out the core of the slightest idea of an easy life...

-Helen Grainge


The routine that is our lives becomes an almost robotic pattern that can seemingly drain the color of enthusiasm from our vision. During that almost robotic routine we are constantly gathering data in the form of life experience. Some of that data can be corrupt... sometimes we need to find a way to get rid of it... let it go.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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