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The Light Beckons
Image title: The Light Beckons   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

In this one I see missed opportunities. The door opened and the light coming in, but he doesn't dare go out and see what's there because of fear and anxiousness. I suffered from anxiety a few years back and this is probably why I feel this way about this image...


Total fear, cowardness, faceless and ashamed. This is what i get from the image. It makes me think of a new born baby with a grown up mind. I like everything about this image.

-Bob Taylor

He looks like he's in solidtude, the light beckons him but he is afraid to go out. He has locked himself in a cage which is dark, cold and lonely, he is not ready to come out yet.

-Trish Taylor

Illuminate- my eyes to see- which path is the right for me. And there before me- but lost in personal strife. The path has found me, for is the way to go. Raise thine eyes and accept this bless-ed door.

-Jeff Alexander

..he's dying..the man in the pic..but he's sad..thinking about who he has to leave behind..wanting to go for the peace wanting to stay for the love..making a choice..that's what I think of it..thanks..


Both the light and his flesh take on the color of bruises... a telling synapsis of what awaits on the other side of the door. I see a moment in time and in life... a moment that marks the end of innocence for this man. Inside the room is a coffin... and in that coffin lies his father... his brother... his best friend in all the world. This is the most trying moment he has ever been handed... and in an effort to come to terms with it he finds he has been stripped of all macho posturing. No kick-ass clothes to hide behind... no witty-slogan t-shirt... no rough-rider blue jeans... nothing but flesh... which, as armor, is less than futile, he knows.... so he curls up into the infantile position which screams, "I won't go... I won't look.... you can't make me!" and a major part of his heart and mind is being powdered as we watch....


This person has always lived in a black and white world. Now the door opens, letting in the grey. The grey is much harder to deal clear cut lines of right and wrong. And he is afraid; afraid of making the wrong decisions.

-Lyla (Lady of the lake)

Cancel thy flesh....wash away reality, hope, and despair....wash away youth, age, and time

all shall be untethered....and all shall intertwine....Like the fetus expelled from the womb

mortal ties are severed....witness genesis beyond deaths the light washes through you

all that you are....all that you have been....simply fades away

all that is shall no longer be....ready or not

the light beckons

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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