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Midlife Crisis
Image title: Midlife Crisis   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

John...this is wonderful. I love the way he is posed at the mirror, as if he is saying, "What do I do now?...What have I done with my life?...Where do I go from here? The colors and depth of the image does much to further enhance the meaning of this work and the fact that he stands naked before himself in the mirror is just a way in which he is stripped bare of all pretentiousness. I'm with Meli...certainly one of your best works!...

-Cheryl Lavender

I like this one. I not only see frustration and, perhaps, pleading, but I also see pause.

-Tami Ryan

After the deepest of soul-searching, of delving into the abstract depths of self. After peeling away all the preconceptions of who you are... you come to a deep void. Here in the void your search is over, you have found who you really are... and you find that you do not know who you are looking at.

For whatever reason I was thinking about what exactly could cause a 'midlife crisis'. I am at an age where it is beginning to happen to others my age, though it is doubtful for me (if you knew me you would understand).

I hope you enjoy this for what it is... another snapshot into my strange world.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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