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The Wait
Image title: The Wait   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

Hope springs eternal. Herein lies the difference between man and beast. I doubt there is a dog anywhere who has ever entertained the idea of suicide. Some of them lead lives which take them to places worse than hell... yet they (apparently) look forward to brighter days ahead. Humankind often come up against a hurdle with defeat already written on their brows. The "Well, there you have it.. I just *knew* things were going to get worse and I was right.." attitude tends to afford them a righteous sense of suffering. A dog would never allow itself to take such a high road...

This is an extremely disturbing image to me ... it commands some soul searching as to why.... but mostly it makes me love animals even more....

-Helen Grainge

Consequences... sometimes we do not fully understand them.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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