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Dream of the NoMind
Image title: Dream of the NoMind   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

The people with no heads or minds are much like our society today...Their very numbers give them voice and thereby make them the dominent force for other words, it allows them to get things done and their conformity suppresses or at least attempts to crushes the individual thinker representated by the shorter man in the image. His individualism bucks the system and often creates controversity, but is necessary for change to take place and ultimately for the system of no minds to actually change course. I hope this is something like it John...getting older does things with your memory...LOL

-Cheryl Lavendar

I really like the perspective of this one John, the tall headless towering over the squat man who is looking up. I like how the headless can't even look down upon him, ignoring him instead as if they see him as lowly. Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking image.


who's the dreamer?


This reminds me of some of those girls that don't use their brain and just jump into a relationship with out thinking about the consicenses.


"And so I found myself in a desolate place where everything was stripped away, leaving nothing but the bare essence of what was, is, and will be. Then I saw them towering above me... the truly greedy ones. Stripped to the barest elements their grotesque forms were appalling to the senses, yet I could only stare in wonder, unable to tear my gaze away.

These beings, these THINGS, had attained a stature far above me... I had to crane my neck to look upon their headless forms. They are the faceless ones to the common folk and would not lower themselves to my level of social interactions. Stripped to the barest form it was easy for me to see the naked truth. Only a NoMind could become this way... to be so filled with greed that nothing in this world matters except personal gain. Not the planet, the air, the water, the people... nothing. With no care or concept of the future they consume all that is in their path... perverting the world as they see fit. These THINGS I realized, were the bare essence of the highest order of the financially elite.... those who are so driven by greed that the entire world shudders at their very touch.

Confused by the sheer magnitude of what I beheld, I could not understand why beings of such power could choose to do nothing to help the world they live in. These beings, these THINGS, possess more than they would ever need in a thousand lifetimes, yet their only focus is to take more from the world they have already raped. No matter how hard I tried I could not figure out what it must be like to be that hollow... that devoid of soul and spirit. I began to wonder if maybe it is me who is the NoMind for my lack of comprehension. Even now I dream that dream."

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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