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Gallery of Originality

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Facing the Unmasked Here there be Monsters The Secret Price of Savings Neo Pavlovian Conditioning The Politician and I
Marching Into the Future On the Path to Nowhere The Ash Vessels The Destroyer Cometh Arrival of The Damned
I Beseech Thee Cerebral Incinerator The Great Mud Revolt Trial of the Hero Abnegation and Truth
In a Fog of Isolation The Journey The Last Elementals Awaiting Their Doom The Spirit Scourged by Addiction O Freedom Where Art Thou?
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SirJohns World is where the unique vision of artist John Alexander (aka SirJohn) comes to life. The original artwork found in the many galleries of SirJohns World could best be described as ‘Dark Surrealism’. For fans of surrealistic art, SirJohns World will provide many thought provoking experiences. If you would like to purchase original artwork, please check out the ‘Purchase prints’ section for more information. Welcome to my world!

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