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Facing The Unmasked
Image title: Facing The Unmasked

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Thoughts behind the artwork...

And so I stood Facing The Unmasked. Once upon a time, this person had a different outward appearance. Following the election of 2016, the mask slipped away and the person became ugly and hateful. Prior to that fateful election, many people kept their petty hatreds carefully guarded. Once an openly bigoted and hateful person assumed the roll of leadership, the number of masks falling away was astounding to behold. Everywhere I looked I witnessed The Unmasked. The bile coming from their mouths was a direct reflection of the ugliness no longer kept within. At first, I walked away from these encounters with sad bewilderment written all over my face. Soon, I discovered the same sad bewilderment in others. I was not the only one Facing The Unmasked.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

In the case of this particular image, I pondered for the entirety of the Trump era just how I could depict this concept. From the moment of his announced victory (despite NOT winngin the popular vote I must add), the unmasking began. I myself faced them... both directly and indirectly. People who had kept their pettiness hidden suddenly felt as if they could finally just be themselves openly. Racist, bigoted garbage that was for quite some time kept silent now pours out in a deluge of ignorance. Often times, these views would be delivered as if I must somehow be in agreement... despite my "what the hell are you even saying to me?" attitude and posture. At first, I simply could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. Soon I found that there were a great many people going through the exact same experience as myself. It can be shocking to find out that somebody you think you know is actually inclined to ignorance and hate... no matter if it be elegantly worded, or profanely spoken.

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