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Trial of The Hero
Image title: Trial of The Hero

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Thoughts behind the artwork...

The Hero stands trial before a jury of the small and weak. This is a statement of the world we are in today. Social media has given everybody a voice. As a result, the small, weak minded and petty masses can pass judgement on those who stand above them as heroes. This statement has broad interpretation and application.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

After spending hours and hours working this image... with bleary eyes I shared it to my online store at Fine Art America. After getting a good night sleep I went to work for the day. Upon my return home, I turned on my computer and opened my image on Fine Art America to see if anybody left any comments. Several people had some very wonderful things to say. However, one comment stood out above all others. It was observed that many of the faceless figures surrounding the hero are females... it was mistakenly observed that ALL of the figures were females. It was a true-blue head slapping moment when I looked closer at the image only to find that it does indeed look like "the masses" that I am referring to are all female. This was not my intention at all! I am by no means implying that the small, weak minded and petty masses are mainly female. To any who may have observed and interpreted this image in that fashion... please accept my humble apology!

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