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In a Fog of Isolation
Image title: In a Fog of Isolation

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Thoughts behind the artwork...

He sits alone in a fog of isolation... struggling with himself. In his mind is darkness. Darkness which is born of hopeless pride, for he is proud... too proud to admit that he needs help. He does not see the light that surrounds him. All he needs to do is turn his gaze from within to find that he is surrounded by light. Within that light are the loved ones who have never left his side... though they are but shadows in the fog.

This image is inspired by dark moments shared by many. Sometimes we struggle with ourselves. Sometimes adversity drives us inward and we find ourselves seemingly alone in darkness. Not all of us are good at asking for help. Some of us simply struggle. All too often, we are surrounded by people who truly care... people who would bathe us in light if we but let them.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

Depression is real. It is dark. It is lonely. It can become all encompassing. Many who suffer from depression are either too proud to seek help, or too frightened. Even worse are those who are too far gone to even want help. While in the deep and dark places of depression, it can be easy to lose sight.

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