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Cerebral Incinerator
Image title: Cerebral Incinerator

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Thoughts behind the artwork...

Television. Mind manipulator´┐┐ propaganda machine. For generations it has been allowed to shape the thoughts of the mass consciousness. For generations the masses have gathered before it, mindlessly whiling away hour after hour of their lives. Where once it was used as a subtle tool to deliver an all encompassing desire to purchase, purchase, pine and purchase´┐┐... where once it was used as a subtle tool to deliver carefully crafted political agendas...´┐┐ it has now become so much more. It has become a Cerebral Incinerator. Its effects are a nationwide intellectual holocaust that is happening in plain sight.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

I have already mentioned that this is a theme that I have approached from many angles through my art. As previously mentioned, I must reiterate that in my mind this manipulation is one of the most troubling things happening in our society today.

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