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Marching Into The Future
Image title: Marching Into The Future

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Thoughts behind the artwork...

Politics before people. Money over man. Consumerism above community. Ignore each others basics needs and cling to obsolete beliefs. Marching together, we will face the future. At what point will our eyes open? Call me a radical. Call me a fool. Call me what you will... but I will not march along the path blindly. Eyes wide open, I see what must be seen. Marching into the future.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

This image was a precursor to the image "Facing the Unmasked". It represents my frustration at the folly of the mass conscienseness here in the United States. I see so very many good people so easily manipulated by everything around them. Independent thought is successfully becoming throttled out of existence while ignorance is truly celebrated and rewarded. Whether you are still capable of independent thought, or as blind as the common bat, we are all walking together into the future... whatever it may hold.

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