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The Exiles Sojourn
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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

Here in the United States, there is a very real misconception of homeless people. The stereotyped image is that of a jobless drunken man who simply doesn't want to pull his own weight like the rest of us 'decent' people. The media here perpetuates and reinforces such images at every turn. The sad and sorry reality paints a picture far more sad and bleak. As American corporations export jobs at an alarming rate, entire communities become devastated irreversably. Decent paying blue collar factory jobs that were once the backbone of the United States have been replaced with extremely low paying jobs that are more often than not 'part time' or 'temporary' in order to escape paying benefits, insurance, and living wages. All the while we hear about how many new jobs have been created.

Not surprisingly, the number of families losing not only their jobs, but their very homes is skyrocketing. Daddys and Mommys take to the cold hard streets with their children in tow... seeking food. Seeking shelter. Seeking help. The number of families who are falling through the cracks is not something we see on our televisions, or read in our papers. These people become exiles in their very own country. The media pretends that they do not exist... and worse yet, reduces the poverty stricken victims of corporate greed into 'burdens' to be bourne by the rest of us 'decent' taxpayers. The media here is training people to scorn the downtrodden in order to take the focus off of the people who are actually responsible for them in the first place. It is a sad reality to see how it works like a charm. Misled people who are ignorant of how things really work do not even think of the homeless as 'people'. Rather they are some new evil that has descended on this country to make things even harder than they already are for the rest of us 'taxpayers'.

This image is sort of a look into the shadowy notion of what homeless really means. This family, at the end of another long and heart rending day of struggle, trudges to some forgotten place of ruin and disrepair to find shelter. To a place where 'decent' people will not drive them off, or look at them in disgust. It is a sad reality knowing this family is out there in the real world right at this very moment.

As always, thanks for looking...

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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