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Self Contempt
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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

Wakes up old unconfortable feelings in me, want to protest a bit, self contempt is as much lying to oneself as self indulgence.Better trying so just admit one is not perfect, striving to be a better person but not judge yourself too harsh.


Holding oneself in contempt is usually the product of other's subjective views impressing deeply on a fragile self esteem. To understand that you are not other people's judgements is a way out of such a prison - you are the only one in a position to deem who you really are. Maybe if more people believed perfection is obtained through a balance with imperfection we wouldn't judge anyone but ourselves. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and such an apt image :)


What I see are the scars of scathing comments and angry slaps tattooed upon the tender skin of a child who grew up believing he was just another burden. Excess baggage. A waste of oxygen. The drive to prove yourself a success, a worthy human being, can be a difficult one if your motor was perpetually lacking oil and fuel in the early stages. Your "head" gaskets leak and your spark is weak... and it makes you cringe just to turn the key when you wake up in the mornings because you're so afraid you aren't going anywhere...

-Helen Grainge

Fantastic insights from all of you! Keep em coming!!

For some people, being honest with themselves is not an easy thing to do. Some people can never admit that they are less than perfect... that they can be wrong, or be at fault. For others there is the gift/curse of self contempt. Dark and ugly it can be, but it can open your eyes to things others refuse to see in themselves. This is not such a bad thing when you really think about it. Such a thing can make you a better person if you have the courage to let it.

To me, self contempt is the ability to occasionally place your own character into question from time to time. I see it as a strength rather than the negativity of being down on yourself. The ability to look at yourself and say 'Wow... I really handled THAT situation poorly' is a perfect example of what I am talking about.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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