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Seeking The Dying Light of Wisdom
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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

Once there were giants who walked among us. They were not giants by stature, rather by the great wisdom they each possessed. Their wisdom was a beacon which guided the people of this world. In time, these giants began to dwindle in numbers. As they passed away from this world, so too did their light. In sorrow, the giants who remained watched the world grow darker... and the people of this world began to wander like children lost in the darkness.

As time passed, the giants became fewer and fewer, for there were none to replace them. In the darkness, the people cast about for something to cling to. It was then that the deceivers fell upon the people of this world, and wisdom was all but forgotten. Unable to see the true nature of these deceivers, the people of this world blindly followed them. Promises of a better future were contradicted by a world becoming increasingly desolate... devoid of love, light, or happiness. The light of wisdom was all but extinguished. Greed, selfishness, and the unquenchable desire for material gains replaced the teachings of the wisdom which was lost.

The people of this world were first taught to question the old wisdom... then to fear it. Ultimately, in blindness and folly, the people of this world turned their backs on the giants who once walked beside them. Those few giants who remained were overwhelmed with sorrow, one by one falling into despair. What reason to continue in a world of darkness? What reason to shine a light on the blind? At last, when the last giant had lost all hope... he cast aside his wisdom and drifted into the darkness... alone and with no hope at all for the people of this world.

But... though his hope had failed him... the light of wisdom that served once upon a time as a beacon to the people of this world... it still clung to life. For as long as at least one person seeks that light, there is a need... there is hope.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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