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Cult of Censorship
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The cult of censorship are those who believe everything that they see on television… everything that they hear on the radio or read in the newspapers.

Censorship is a many faceted tool that is used with great effect in the United States. It is true that here in America we have the freedom of speech. However, corporate media decides whether or not your voice will ever be heard. Voices of dissent are not given the opportunity to be heard… unless it is for the purpose of being discredited.

Those collective voices outside of the cult of censorship have been effectively silenced. Their voices may as well be directed at the wind, because their words fall on deaf ears anyway. The cult of censorship can be a dangerous thing indeed. Sheer numbers alone give them a scary aspect.

Those of us who do not blindly believe what is presented to us are looked upon with scorn. The central figure in this image is outside of the cult of censorship. Mouth sealed shut to keep himself from speaking. Eyes sealed shut to not see the sad truth surrounding him. He is surrounded by those who look on with hollow eyes… slack jawed and red with anger that they do not even understand.

Without even knowing it, people in the United States are being programmed to look upon those who question authority and government with mistrust and anger. People want to believe that they would not be lied to. People want to believe that they can trust what they are seeing on television and hearing on the radio… or reading in newspapers and magazines. People do not want to hear that this just isn’t so.

The last thing that most people want to hear is the truth. The truth is frightening. People do not want to be frightened… they want to watch Survivor, and American Idol. They want to be distracted by things like C.S.I. Miami, and Big Brother. People want to believe that when they turn on the news, they are being shown something truthful and honest. People do not want to believe that profit driven mega-corporations have decided what version of ‘the news’ is going to be presented in order to shape their thoughts and way of thinking. People do not want to believe that the things they should be told about have been censored.

Understanding the truth is frightening. Most people would rather plug their fingers tightly into their ears and shout ‘la la la… la la la… I can’t hear yoooou’ than to hear the actual truth. It is a sadly frightening reality. It is a sadly frightening truth.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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