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Becoming Disturbed
Image title: Becoming Disturbed   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

Once upon my life I was a slave to my addiction. Alcoholism was my prison. After many, many years it was killing me... literally. Before I was able to finally escape my prison, I had reached a point where every day I recognized myself a little less than the day before. In the morning, I would look at myself in the mirror and realize the aweful truth... I was slipping away from myself. The demons within me leeched away all that I once was, while the hopes and dreams that I had lost touch with looked on in horror. Trapped in that same prison, they had no way out... no escape from the fate that was written on the walls. With every passing day I looked upon myself from within my prison and knew what I was becoming... disturbed. Luckily, the story has a happy ending. I escaped that prison many years ago... but the memory remains. This is the second image in a series of images inspired by my odyssey through the depths of my own personal hell. For those of you who have been through such a journey... and most of all... for those of you still on that journey... never forget that no matter how dark the darkness may seem, there is always light. Sometimes we just have to look harder to see it.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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