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Image title: Destiny   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

In this one I see the road of life with its twist and turn but you keep going forward to eventually reach wisdom and understanding. This is a bit how I see life anyway, there are bumps and turns and all on the road, but each of them brings you a little bit of experience no matter how hard or how discouraging it may be at times, it gets you closer to wisdom.


This image reminds me of death. One path is heaven and one is hell. All he has to do is figure out which is which. I also like the color in this image.

-Bob Taylor

It seems to me from the image he is at a crossroad in his life. But he looks dazed and confused on what path to take. I really love the colors in this image.

-Trish Taylor

Into the unknown swirl, of destiny, of fate, or is it a karma from my life I create- but a singular force, it seems to gravitate, upon all options its force will equate, that into the comings- they all will relate. I will not look back, nor hesitate- something is calling me- as if destinies await.

-Jeff Alexander

The bright light - Whatever you perceive to be your ultimate goal in life. The twisting background things always trying to spiral out of control, attempting to keep you from your goal. But whatever life dishes out, whatever fate lays in your path, however dizzying the confusion of your life, you attempt to remain focused on your goal, as that is your Destiny as you see it...for none of us really know what it is we are truly destined for until the end.

-Linda Marie

I see a man struggling toward a goal. The swirls in his path are problems and hardships and pain. He runs toward this adversity, rather than away from it, because he knows he must pass through it to get to where he wants to be.


This image imparts an immediate sense of vertigo mixed with palpable terror... a freeze-frame taken straight from the slow-motion, delirious dream of a feverish sleeper. I can envision the faltering, lurching gait of this man... blinded by hot, anguished tears... as he runs against invisible foes that have forced him to flee his mind... their soft, sickening fingers reaching out to pluck at his skin as he passes... leaving behind scorched reminders of his vulnerabilities, his failures, his mockery of a life. He has surrendered completely to his destiny of madness. He is running on instinct alone... running back through a flesh-colored, pulsating vortex... back to his mother's womb.


Bravo Helen, bravo!

The figure represents humankind, the swirls represent "life" and the starburst in the background represents inner light/heaven/nirvana/enlightenment. The swirly stuff on the figure represents human emotion -- greed, lust, vanity, love, sorrow, joy, passion -- all the things that tie us to this world and impede our progress towards our destinies. In this piece, the figure appears to be stumbling and fighting to reach the "inner light." The figure is being slowed and blocked by "life" or our physical selves on the planet. If only he could shed his physical being, he could reach the inner light and fulfill his destiny!

-Kathy Furgerson

Hmm...yes destiny, it calls everyone and everything, but only few hear the achient call of awakening, the one of many chances that a legend reaches and enphasises are most of the time banished from ones point of view,.... from eyones one may hear the call, but few will be able to awaken and answer it.'' The true destiny of this man is not to live again, but to become more than just a guided,megaforcefull being, that is a a hierchy of power, wich exceeds even his own lenghts.


I thought the man is running away from the something (toward the viewer), but I like it a lot better that he's going toward something.

Also the sides at first seemed like walls in a tunnel, but in the fullsize image they seem just like distractions or things he is passing, and he is really striding purposefully toward his destination - really good.

-Todd (aka Rucookies)

Beneath the surface of every man, woman, and child there is a solitary figure following an invisible thread through the winding, twisted paths of life, forever drawn towards the inevitible conclusion which we simply call 'Destiny'.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

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