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The Scarecrow vs. the Sentinels
Image title: The Scarecrow vs. the Sentinels   send me your interpretation:

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Interpretations...Yours and Mine

The Scarecrow vs the Sentinels, It is a very powerfull image. It reminds me of the conflict in the middle east. The "scarecrow" telling the Palestinian people how gloryfull it is to be a suicide bomber. Telling them death is wonderfull.

-Bob Taylor

The Scarecrow vs the Sentinels, when i first saw this image the first thing that popped into my head was the holocaust. Also makes me think of something from the dark ages, like an uprising or something. Really like the color scheme on this one.

-Patricia Taylor

The dark textures in life, they call to those of the same making. To be lured into the vast expanse, of the dark unknown... A price to be paid... to lose ones own soul... or be lost in the comfort of this dark unknown

-Jeff Alexander

" other news today, CEO and spokesperson for Weight Watchers, B. Arely There, announced that the flab fighting organization has decided to take a hard line when it comes to recruiting their "Diet Despots"... those sentinels hired to oversee the buffet tables at Weight Watchers conventions. "It's not like the old days", said There, "we must be vigilant in our battle against saturated fats, calories and carbohydrates!" AP News Wire has furnished this photograph of the new WW Boot Camp located in Death Valley.... "

LOL! Couldn't resist, John... sorry... ;-)


LOL! Excellent Helen! I love humor... would go nuts without it.

Death ( scarecrow) welcomes us with out stretched arms...while men ( sentinels) cloth themselves, bodies and minds, in an armor of fear and waste precious life in their battle to fight him. How can every moment of every day be lived to the fullest if we live with this battle and fear? I notice the light of knowledge is in front of the sentinels, not behind what they guard!


The scarecrow is mocking the sentinels that are having to stand in the hot sun until they become scarecrows. He is saying," see what you will eventually become".

-Lyla (Lady of the lake)

My first thought of this image was of a loving father welcoming home his beloved sons. I saw a family stripped down and exposed without hindrance of pomp, avarice, or jealousy. And when confronted by their truth, stood in silence and posible shame until the father bared himself down to the marrow, and stood before them to welcome them with open arms.


The subconcious is a vast and desolate place with pockets of activity spread randomly throughout. I believe there is a place in the subconcious that can be considered the Apex of all concious behavior. This image is my interpretation of that place.

The skeleton in this image symbolizes temptation. The men stand for our resolve, the pillars our principles. At the Apex of our subconcious, temptation faces our resolve in an everlasting flinching match. If the Sentinels give in our principles are compromised by the Scarecrow (temptation). The skeleton is used to symbolize temptation because temptation has nothing to lose. Here at the Apex balance is maintained in most of us.

-John Alexander (aka SirJohn)

This image represents one of my earliest forays into the realm of 3D imagery.

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