My Second Art Show!

During the month of April (2011), I had twelve of my works on display at another local Coffee shop. As life sometimes goes, I had previously been too busy to devote any thought to getting my work hanging. One day I popped into this little coffee shop located on the corner of a strip mall not very many miles from my house. I noticed artwork on the walls and asked who I would talk to about getting my own work displayed. A few days later I showed them my work and was immediately offered the month of April.

The response to my work was immediate and very positive. The couple who owned and ran the shop were both very fascinated by the imagery that I had placed upon their walls, and that fascination spread quickly to the customers that frequented their business. One man stated to the owners that my work was like a combination of a Tool video and a Stephen King novel. I took that to be quite the compliment having great familiarity with both!

With the positive responses being so commonplace, I was soon offered the month of May as well!

Art Show pics Art Show pics Art Show pics Art Show pics

Art Show pics Art Show pics Art Show pics

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The space was very limited, but the show looked wonderful regardless. Sadly, on May the 16th, I recieved an email from the owners letting me know that due to recent hardships, the coffee shop was officially, permanantly closed. On the 17th I removed my works and extended my deepest sympathies to the kind owners who were so wonderful to me. I am wishing them the very best in their future.

As for my own future, I am planning on getting out there for the next show. No more extended breaks... got to get this stuff out there!

I would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to drop by and see the show, and a REALLY big thanks to all of you who purchased prints and post cards!! You folks are a constant reminder that I am not wasting my time after all. Also, a very special thanks to my friend Larry Peterson, who took these pictures and allowed me to use them on the website. You da man Larry!

I'm looking forward to the next show. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

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